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Beirut, 28th, January, 2009
Dear colleagues,
It is an honor and a privilege to be in charge of the PAPNA after Issam El Sabban, Mazen Abu Chaaban and Saleh Shorafah.
I know that being a president of PAPNA is a very hard task, but with your support we will go forward and confirm our place in the world of pediatric nephrology.
During my presidency I shall work towards:
1- Election of the new executive committee in Oct 2009 in Beirut.
2- Initiating the "Arab Pediatric Kidney Day" on the 14th of March 2009: the goal   is awareness, prevention and information about pediatric kidney diseases in the Arab World.
3- Organizing a Symposium on Pediatric Nephrology in  22-24 October 2009 in Beirut.
4- Organizing the 5th PAPNA Congress after the IPNA congress in New York.
5- Increasing the number of memberships of Pediatric Nephrologists and Pediatricians with interest in pediatric nephrology.
6- Encouraging complete transparency in the society's operations.
7- Organizing collaborative studies between Arab countries and teaching courses especially in the poorest countries.
Dear friends,
I come to you today with the intent of obtaining everyone's support to succeed in our venture. I encourage everyone to:
1- Register as soon as possible to PAPNA, note that this signifies immediate membership to the Asian Pediatric Nephrology
2- Register to IPNA, membership to IPNA is very beneficial to our young society, the more members we are, the more potential we have
3- Send this e-mail to every pediatric nephrologist you know and encourage him to adhere to our society
4- Report every scientific activity concerning pediatric nephrology and we'll try to include it on the website as soon as possible
5- Suggest any interesting idea or proposal that you believe can improve the care of the Arab child with kidney diseases
6- Prepare your abstracts and lectures and send them to me as soon as possible for the symposium for October 2009.
My best regards to you all and see you in Beirut in October 2009.
Prof Chebl Mourani
Hotel Dieu de France
Department of Pediatrics & Pediatric Hemodialysis Unit
President of Pan Arab Pediatric Nephrology Association (PAPNA)
International  Pediatric Nephrology  Association Council (IPNA)
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